piątek, 25 lipca 2014

“Tourism and Community Development”

Last summer I was in Croatia. We were living in small city Podgora. It is a city where 90% of people are working in touristic side. This is a community which is benefited from tourism. In my opinion it’s difficult for this people to earning money only from tourist. Tourist season may end in case of bad weather, and then the people will stay without work.

I live in city Zielona Gora, in Poland. We are touristic city only in summer and early autumn. Zielona Gora is a town located 60 km from the German border.

Since 1314 in our city is Wine Festival. Every year after the harvest the grapes in September, the whole city celebrates for a week. A lot of Germans come to Zielona Gora to celebrate with us and drinking good wine.

During Wine Festival there is a lot of stalls. People are selling souvenirs, local wine and vodka, sweets made from grapes. Every pub is open all night, tourists and locals are going to restaurant for a dinner. Then people going for a concert or amusement park.  Party starts every day at 10 o’clock morning and finished next day at 6:00 a.m.

The city council started promoting Wine Festival in German and Czech Republic cities which are near our border. Thanks for this we have more foreign tourist. 

With tourist “coming” money. Now government has more money to improvement of tourism in Zielona Gora. 3 years ago local artist prepared brass figurine “Bachusik”. It’s likeness of Bachus – Dionysus who was “god of the grape harvest, winemaking and wine, of ritual madness and religious ecstasy in Greek mythology”.

During Wine Festival to Zielona Gora come a lot of people. City is really crowdy. Our population grows from 120 000 people to 200 000. During that time we have more buses, city council runs additional bus line. For youngest we have small train in city center. 

Our local guide organizes tours of a city and shows people beautiful places of our city. Not far from Zielona Gora is city Swiebodzin, where is monument of Jesus Christ. City council runs new bus line from our city to that monument. There are restaurants and churches where people can spend good time in good atmosphere.

Thanks to tourism, our city is developing better. Local manufacturers and sellers have more work = more money. Thanks to foreign tourists the city has more money and is better promoted abroad. A lot of Germans company know about Zielona Gora and decided to invest money. 
Unfortunately our tourist season is only from June till September. City council has to think how to expand season for other months and make city more attractive in winter. We have hills and ski lift but it is still not enough to reduce unemployment in winter.

Come to our city, Zielona Gora, and be part of our touristic development :)